Stress-free and positive radiation Obsidian Necklace

Our stress-free and positive radiation Obsidian Necklace features an elegant and charming design that will boost your appearance in any outfits. Positive energy will be surrounding your aura and bringing good luck to anything you do in life.

Each stone is handpicked and high-polished by skilled jewelers to ensure the highest quality of each handmade necklace. 


Obsidian is a powerful natural gemstone that cleans the smog around your natural aura. Once your aura is cleansed, you will enjoy a strong connection with your psychic abilities.

Additionally, the Obsidian Stone Energy Radiating Necklace creates a protective charm that wards off all negative energies around you and helps you maintain a stress-free lifestyle.

Additionally, it works as a grounding stone that keeps you connected with yourself.

    • Stone: Natural Obsidian
      Size: 0.5in | 14mm; 0.6in | 16mm; 0.7in | 18mm; 0.8in | 20mm
      Chain: Rope
      Size: Approx. 17.9in | 46cm length
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