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Comfy Plush Pet Bed FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  Does this bed really help with anxiety ?

Answer: Yes, this bed has a new shape and design so you pets are definitely very calm while in it. The bed is their a safe zone.

Question: Do cats like these beds?

Answer: Absolutely. This bed is soft, luxurious and very fluffy. Both dogs and cats love it.


Question: What is the inner cushion area for size XS (40cm diameter)?

Answer: The raising rim for each size measure about 10cm, so the inner diameter for size XS is 20cm. You could find out more details on sizing at our Size Instruction section above.

Question: What size should I choose for my 6.5 lbs chihuahua?

Answer: The recommended size for a 6.5 lbs pet is S. Please refer to our Size Instruction section above to choose the best size for your pet.


Question: Can I wash the Pet Bed?

Answer: Yes, this pet bed is machine washable. You are recommended to wash this after 1-2 month of usage.

Question: Does this have a removable cover for washing?

Answer: No, it does not. But you can wash the entire bed on gentle cycle and dry it on low heat. I have done this and and the beds turned out perfect!

Question: How do i wash this bed? What detergent, fabric softener?

Answer: You can use any detergent on the market in cool water. You would wash it alone with no other items in the wash. It should dry completely and immediately after a dry in low heat. If you happen to have a dryer shelf, they work amazing with this product but that is not necessary.

Question: I do not have a dryer, how can I do?

Answer: You can use air dry and then fluff it with your hands. Put it on something so air can circulate around and it will dry more quickly.

Question: Should I wash it before the first use?

Answer: No, it's not necessary. The product is clean and ready to use when you take it from the package.


Question: What is the shipping time?

Answer: This ped bed is shipped in 24 hours. Most orders arrive in 7 - 20 business days in the US, UK, CA and AUS. Delivery times may vary if you're outside these countries.

Question: How do I know the status of my order?

Answer: Once you finish the payment process, a confirmation letter will be sent to you. After 1-3 days, we will send an updated shipping information which includes a link to your order summary. You can track your order directly on this page.