Tibetan Handmade Lucky Bracelet - Confidence

Are you looking for a simple and beautiful charm for your wrist? This lucky knot bracelet is dedicated exclusively for you.

Come with multiple colors to choose from, this bracelet is a result of about 30 - 50 minutes of handwork from the Buddhist monks in Tibet, who practiced reciting mantras while doing their work. Each bracelet is blessed to bring good luck to people who wear it.

Many celebrities believe in the good benefits of this bracelet. Check out the photo of Leonardo di Caprio wearing it.

This is a perfect gift for yourself and the people you love. 

This bracelet is tailor-made to order and usually takes 1-3 days to prepare before shipping.

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      • Length: from 3.9" to 7.8" (10 to 20 cm), adjustable
        Materials: Tibetan Cord
        Handcrafted by Tibetan Buddhist monks
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